Webinar for Financial Professionals
Are you talking about Life Insurance with every client?
Come learn how the Circle of Wealth® helps advisors and clients understand the countless benefits of life insurance – term and permanent; and how you explain cash-value life insurance so they "want" it in their portfolio. (Scroll down to learn more)
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Learn how to confidently demonstrate financial concepts so your clients “get it” and want to move forward with your recommendations.
Tools to Differentiate You
During this one-hour webinar, Starr Barnum will share the key conversations that the Circle of Wealth® offers agents and advisors to help their clients and prospects financially with a special emphasis on the life insurance conversation.

Time permitting, he will also explain how our process and presentation tools can help you ATTRACT prospects, ENGAGE them during your meeting(s) and CLOSE them as satisfied clients.

  • Script and process to get the "first appointment"
  • The four important questions (and how you answer them)
  • How to identify wealth transfers to free up cash-flow
  • Properly explaining the benefits of access to capital
  • Moving from "needs-based selling" to "wants-based advising"
  • Opening up more opportunities with every client
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Your Host
Starr Barnum
Executive Coach & Master Mentor
Starr works primarily with families and business owners.  He uses a unique approach in that he helps people find money that they're currently transferring away unknowingly and unnecessarily.